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B2B Digital Pattern and Texture Design Software

MYTH.AI developing pattern and texture design software to create always “new” design to all sectors, eliminating workflow with ai tech. MYTH.AI offers patterns design solutions for fashion designers, enterprises, textile producers, and large fashion/textile companies. According to your requirements, you can choose the 1.0 or 2.0 version. We understand the fashion designers' needs too. No needed to pay more if you have 1-3 people start-up. You can focus on your design and sales activities. While MYTH.AI can provide the pattern design, you can save money mostly your time. If you have a large enterprise, you will have every flexibility with MYTH.AI. Changing colour, style transfer, unlimited design creation according to your mood boards, category- based pattern design is just a few of MYTH.AI technology.

How artificial intelligence does help with pattern design?

There are more than 1 million fashion and pattern designers in the world, as well as FashionTech and leading companies that produce artificial intelligence. FashionTech companies operate in the field of augmented reality glasses and gloves production, artificial intelligence-based products, and styles. No other competitor except MYTH focusing on pattern design and developing technology using AI-based image processing, data visualization, neural networks, and machine learning.

What is the innovation of FashionTech?

The state-of-the-art AI-enabled design tool model as SAAS for manufacturing, design, and creativity. Neural Networks, on-premise deep learning model training, and behavioural predict. MYTH is an artificial intelligence-based "state of the art" pattern design tool that brings together designers and businesses. Thanks to MYTH's cutting-edges technology, green and digital transformation is provided to all sectors and meets the requirements of the 4.0 industry. You can have a unique, unlimited, and always "new" pattern design by choosing 1.0 Fashion Designers & Enterprises or 2.0 Professional Model. Adapt your unique pattern to 3D.

What is “state of the art”?

State of the art means the latest and most sophisticated or advanced stage of a technology, art, or science. MYTH.AI is designed to create always new and zero in “state of the art” philosophy. Our artificial intelligence-based technology is working as artificial neural networks. Recognizing the customer's behaviours and forecasting their coming preferences according to trends, fashion fairs, and most common patterns. It is not only the software for creating new patterns, customers in the network can always follow up with the other customers who have the same behavioural approach and has the same preferences. So, following the trends and others' preferences has never been easier before.

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