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Always Create The New

Instantly create unique patterns for your moodboards. While the concept of these patterns can depend entirely on your choices, we also offer you suggestions with special catalogs for your persona or brand identity.

Choose Your Category

Create Unique Patterns by Category. Flowers, Geometric, Tropical, Abstract, Ethnic, Nature, Texture...


We understand your design behaviors and instantly create your online digital pattern selection. We produce again and again according to your favorite pattern choices.

Set Color Range

Define your color range or yarn number limitations. Or the colors come naturally according to your inspiration board.

Upload Your Inspired Patterns

If you create your pattern moodboard or inspired some printings, just upload to our dashboard and then reach unique patterns.

Digitize Your Printing Process Smarter

Get Inspired from always "New" Design

Reduce Production & Design Cost

Speed Up Your Design Process by 70%

Increase Your Efficiency
by 80%

Improve Customer Satisfaction
by 70%

No need for even basic skills

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MYTH.AI enables digital transformation of the printing and texture design process.